Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tales of the Quest in Print!

My latest novella, Tales of the Quest, is now available in print!

Tales of the Quest is a collection of fantasy short stories based within a single universe and tied together by a Princess Bride-like history (think of the "editorial" comments of the "annotator," William Goldman). Every tale tackles a problem faced by questers and questees: What if the wrong prince wins? Should a prince pursue treasure or love? What about the princess--what does she want? And, just to complicate matters, what problems ensue when magic and magical creatures enter the picture?

Tales of the Quest even has a (very, very, very) implied yaoi relationship. It is (perhaps too) subtle, involving none of the main male friendships. I'm aware of it because, after all, this is my universe!

Tales of the Quest is book four in The Roesia Chronicles, a fantasy series I began with a tale about a debutante who becomes a cat. Each novella can be read separately, including Tales, but characters from each novella make appearances in others.