Sunday, February 10, 2019

Male Superman Male Lois: Clark & Lorry Continued . . . Season 2

Season 2

Lorry & Superman: Lois has always maintained that she sees Superman as a person. Clark disbelieves this. However, throughout Season 2, Lois--and therefore, Lorry--do a number of things that prove their claim correct. During various visits, Lorry gives Superman a kid's medal as a joke, asks him his favorite color, invites him to dance, and takes care of him when he is blind.

I played around with the dialog in the episode where Superman goes temporarily blind. Superman tells Lois/Lorry that he wants to be the best superhero he can be, blind or not. Lois naturally totally supports this. Teri Hatcher is capable of reeling off entirely sentimental and maudlin dialog without a wince.

However, the sentiment on the original show got a bit much as the seasons went on (and some of the plots got overwhelmingly byzantine). Lorry also supports Superman's decision to be the best blind superhero ever. But he's a bit more sardonic. Here's my dialog:
  Superman/Clark says, "We are all put on this planet, any planet, for a purpose. Too Hallmark?”
  "Yeah,” Lorry replies, “but you mean it, so it’s cool."
Mayson Drake: Mayson Drake is one character, other than Lois, that I changed in terms of gender/biology--in this case, from female to male. Mayson became Mason, the first gay man other than Lorry to show any interest in Clark romantically. The experience throws Clark for a loop. He came out to Lorry at the end of Season 1 for the sake of that relationship. It never occurred to him that he might have other options.

Clark's concern gives rise to one of my favorite exchanges (from the original with edits):
Clark Kent: Mason likes me, Clark, but he detests Superman. Which is kinda confusing because Lorry admires Superman but only likes Clark. Mason likes Clark, but in a different way than Lorry, and Mason detests Superman in a way that's different from anybody.
Martha Kent: Oh, Clark, I've been afraid something like this was going to happen.
Clark Kent: What?
Martha Kent: You're beginning to talk about yourself in the third person.
Mason's arrival in their lives eventually inspires Clark to ask Lorry on a date--and encourages Lorry to accept.

The next Lorry & Clark post will address the problem of Clark & Lorry & sex . . . 

Lorry and Clark's first date--and yes, Bones fans, that's Bones & Booth.