Friday, March 22, 2019

Lorry & Clark: All of Season 4 Starting with the New Kryptonianss

Though actually, I'm going to begin in Season 3

At the end of original Season 3, Lois and Clark are faced with the issue: Does love justify everything? Does Clark tell his planet of origin to sod off or does he try to help even if it means leaving Lois?

It's the guy from The Closer! Yup, that's Jon Tenney on the left.
It's a surprisingly insightful problem, considering how often the show comes down on the side of "Love Conquers All!" Truth is, love may conquer all but it doesn't justify everything.

Here is the arc involving the New Kryptonians:

Early April, Year 3: “Through a Glass Darkly” (the dates are mine)

New Kryptonians, Lt. Ching and Zara, come to Earth to test Clark to see if he is prepared to take over as the leader of Kryptonian society.

Late April, Year 3: “Big Boys Don’t Fly”

Zara and Ching inform Clark of the problems on New Krypton. Zara is his intended spouse. She isn’t bothered by Clark being gay. The marriage is entirely political.

Lorry is weirded-out that he is engaged to a supposedly already married man who happens to be an aristocrat. “In this medieval melodrama, I’m who exactly? Mercutio?”

Clark agrees to return to New Krypton. Lorry supports him, complaining inwardly that he thought he was no longer dating activist-types, then ruefully admitting that he has always been attracted to that type.

Clark leaves, then sends a final mental message: Lore, I love you.

Late April, Year 4: “Lord of the Flys”

On the Palace Starship which is headed for New Krypton, Clark misses Lorry. On Earth, Lorry fends off dating offers.

Lord Nor, a Kryptonian, takes over Smallville.

Lorry does perceive the Kryptonites as slightly less awful.
Clark visits Lorry on Earth; Ching then visits Lorry (it's a "beam me up, Scotty" thing). Ching is in love with Lady Zara and in a fit of sentiment agrees to help Lorry join the Palace Starship as a concubine. Kryptonian sexuality is fairly flexible, and a male concubine is not considered unusual although naturally, some of the aristocrats are contemptuous of Clark choosing an “untrained” human concubine.

Clark, Lorry, and the New Kryptonians returned in the spaceship to Earth to save Smallville from Nor. Lorry worries that his and Clark's relationship is all about danger and excitement. Will they ever be happy with normal?

Early May, Year 4: “Battleground: Earth”

Lorry delivers a diatribe about the New Kryptonians being a less than pleasant society despite their so-called progressiveness. He even throws in some nasty references to vegans, leftists who aligned themselves with right-wing extremists, and political/religious self-righteousness wrapped up in nightmare lingual determinism.

In which the protagonist discovers that he
doesn't belong in either culture--the one that
birthed him or the one that raised him.
Clark, however, wants the culture of his upbringing.
Clark/Superman as Kal-El is brought to trial. The thing that offends the Kryptonians is not Clark having a male concubine but the fact that he intended to marry Lorry on Earth and end the royal line.

Clark is found guilty but ultimately the tribunal decides to give him the chance to face Nor in combat. The U.S. Army takes out Nor and his people with Kryptonite gas but Clark (due to prior exposure and lack of intake) is spared.

Clark leaves the Kryptonians to themselves, telling Lorry that he never felt a connection with his “real” people. Earth is where he belongs. It's a remarkable example of culture/learned behavior triumphing over genetics. Clark has become too human.