Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Murder Mystery Series with a Paranormal Twist

Coin: A Donna Howard Mystery is now available on Kindle and in paperback!

Coin introduces a new murder mystery series. It also references popular and geek culture in the 1990s. (Remember WordPerfect, VHS tapes, and Apollo 13?)

The focus of the series is the detective's reconciliation of the everyday, ordinary world (where she cuts hair, cooks for her family, and takes evening courses) with the long-dead historical personages who stroll through the modern world without being noticed--except by someone like Donna.

Donna may not be the most enthusiastic amateur detective on record but she is the most thorough.  She tackles the crimes that no one else can solve, even the crimes that no one even knows occurred. These cases take Donna, her irreverent family, and her less than tactful friends to various parts of New England as well as time periods as disparate as Ancient Rome, Colonial New England, and the American Cold War.

Coin is book one.

Thanks to Eugene, my editor, who is also responsible for the Art Deco cover! Eugene is additionally the author of novels in which the paranormal shows up in contemporary life: Fox & Wolf and Serpent of Time.